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Kya yeh aap urdu main parhna chahtay hain?

Ping Up is an app where anyone – yes, anyone – can learn how to invest in their future. We offer both a platform to invest toward goals in order to reach them faster, and tools to help beginners understand how to save and invest safely and sustainably, with as little as Rs. 500. As with all investing, your capital is always at risk.

We – and our team of financial experts – learn about you and your goals, and then build out a path for you to reach it. By considering your contributions, timeline, and risk level, recommend certain mutual fund investments that we feel can get you to your goal faster.

Ping Up makes money by charging our fund providers a fee for offering their funds on our platform. We do not charge our users any money at all.

Biggest reason: ease.

Ping Up makes investing easy by guiding new investors through the process using simple language and providing them with helpful resources and tools that help them learn on the fly. Rather than trying to parse through the conflicting advice of family and friends or doing hours of research on where to invest and how much, leave the hard work to us. Tell us your goals, and we’ll tell you how to reach them.

Absolutely not. You can withdraw your money at any time. Simply select the pot you want to withdraw from, and at the bottom of the Pot Profile you’ll find an option to withdraw the amount you need. Your money will usually reach you within a few days.

With Ping Up, you can invest in a number of mutual funds. With these funds, portfolio managers pool together the investments of people just like you, and then work to maximise your returns!

For now, our focus is Pakistan-based mutual funds (we offer both Shariah-compliant and conventional options), but we plan on expanding our investment products and going international!

Operating in a Muslim country meant making sure that no one felt like that they had to sacrifice their faith to invest with us. When you’re onboarded, you can indicate your preference (if any) for Islamic funds and we will make sure to recommend funds accordingly. In short, if you want your investments to be fully Shariah-compliant, they definitely can be!

You pay a small fee to the asset management companies as a proportion of your pot contributions. AMCs and fund providers charge these fees to cover the costs of running the fund, which include everything from hiring advisors to operational costs. This fee will be automatically taken from your pot when you pay in and go to the AMC.


You pay absolutely no fees to Ping Up!

Security is super-important to us. We never have direct access to your bank account, and your data is encrypted to protect your privacy. Our app is PIN protected and your identity is OTP-verified when you are onboarded.

Absolutely not. We do not hold any money, ever. In fact, Ping Up was designed as a platform that solves some of the problems of traditional banks, such as transparency, clunkiness, and accessibility… at Ping Up, we want to do away with all that and make investing in your future simple, intuitive, and safe.

Yes! We hold an SFA license approved by the SECP (the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) whose primary goal is protecting the interests of the investor – which is you. The Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan (MUFAP) also establishes certain compliance guidelines to ensure trade happens as ethically as possible.

Our team is scattered around the world and enjoys a flexible work culture, but we are registered in the UK and have offices there and in Karachi, Pakistan.

Short answer – Yes.

When you share your information with us, it helps us understand how to best advise you as you start your investment journey. In addition, the learning modules in the Pingversity are a great place to pick up the basics of investing, and some general tips for how to do so responsibly.

Go to your homepage, create a new pot, and we’ll explain the rest.

A pot is like a piggybank (or gullak!) which focuses on one specific goal. You could have a pot to save up for your Master’s degree, for your wedding, or for that trip to Skardu you’ve been thinking about for so long. You could also keep pots with money to get you through a rainy day, or to build up your savings faster. The sky is the limit. 

Create your first pot now.

You can set up multiple pots! Save towards different goals, all in one place.

Name your pots as simply or as creatively as you like. From ‘Aliya’s travel pot’ to ‘WILD WEEKEND IN HUNZA’, we’ve seen it all. Do you!

A mutual fund brings together money from many investors, and then a Fund Manager invests that collected money for them. They spread out your risk, are liquid – so you can cash out when you’re ready – and allow experts to handle the decisions of where to invest and how much.

Mutual funds come in a variety of different risk levels, with the safest being investments in government bonds, and the most volatile being equities.

A mutual fund is a good way to enjoy the rewards of investing for those who lack either the time or the expertise to constantly monitor their investments. People who are strapped for time or new to investment can benefit from the Fund Manager’s market knowledge and the diversification that mutual funds offer.

Go to your homepage, create a new pot, and we’ll explain the rest.

Contact us at hey@letspingup.com

Pingup- investment platform in Pakistan

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Pingup- investment platform in Pakistan
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