Our Journey: How We Became the Best Investment App in Pakistan
Ping up

Our Story

Ping Up was born on a ratty little napkin.* Both of us had jobs we liked but itched for something more. Introduced by shared colleagues, we found that we shared a passion for the power of learning and inclusion, and that passion became the catalyst for Ping Up and shaped the principles it was built on.

We don’t always agree, pushing and challenging one another when we come across friction. But we know we’re on the same team; every tension comes from a place of care and leads us towards a stronger app and a stronger team.

We are both incredibly proud of the Ping Up app our small, mighty team have built together. Built for and by regular people, it combines our fundamental psychology with pathbreaking tech to create a beautiful, intuitive app.

But this is just the beginning. Over the coming months (and years!) Ping Up will grow both in terms of product and geography; there are very few places where there is no need for greater access, and better education.

Thank you so much for your support and for being part of this journey. This has been such an exciting project for us, and we hope its results excite you too.

Affan and Lauren

* P.S.: Yes, we’re gonna frame the napkin.

Pingup- investment platform in Pakistan

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Pingup- investment platform in Pakistan
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